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Marley and Me

From the previews of this movie, you are more than likely expecting to see the standard romantic comedy with Jennifer Anniston.  Instead, you get something even worse.  This movie is more of a drama in comedy sheeps clothing.  The movie drags on for what feels like forever, the dialog is dry, the few bits of humor applied is hardly something to even toss a chuckle at, and they seem to skip several months to several years at whim with no indication they are doing so.

Marley and Me is about a man and his connection with his dog.  They go through all of lifes experiences together, starting from marriage, to children, to the eventual dogs death.  Not once did I feel anything for the characters in the movie, and there wasn’t much going on to keep me interested.  I mostly wanted to get up and write this review before the movie was even complete.   Save yourself about two hours of your life and don’t waste your time with this flick.  4/10.

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  1. MojaveSage
    March 21, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    So this reviewer was bummed because the Three Stooges did not show up in Marley and Me? Hmm. Drink more alcohol before you watch it on video, then perhaps you will get all the laughs you seek! Now, as for the movie, it was very good. There were sad moments, and joyful moments, much like other good films. Best movies of the year here, of course, are Gran Torino and Changeling, but Marley and Me was worth the time. You will remember that film long after you forget how the Zagoobians invaded the planet Obamba etc.

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