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POGO radio and mp3

In 2007 I was pondering with a computerish friend how computers could
be modified to record radio programs off the air directly to a hard
drive, so I could later make mp3 files of such classic programs as
Laura Ingraham or Rush Limbaugh. Each of these clear-thinking radio
hosts offers an internet package like Rush 24/7 etc/. for a fee. But I
did not really need the whole package as it would not completely solve
my problem, and I did not want to pay the fee.

Problem: Rush is on the air when I am working. I wanted to be able to
hear him on radio while I ride bicycle home from work etc. I wanted to
hear his programs while shopping at the grocery too. I could fill
cassettes with the show and carry a small cassette player, but an mp3
with the proper functions would be better.

Solution: Radio Your Way LX.

How does it help? It does everything the box claims, and more. This
product, the size of a pack of cards, does more than a full size
computer can do to record radio programming. Onboard, it has a tape
record function, it also has a tuner for FM and AM (Yes Rush!). It has
a one button recording device that will record directly off the air
into mp3 files. It has a 512 mb chip to hold more than 30 hours of
programming (you can set the recording clarity level you prefer to bump
up storage space if needed.)

This device also has a slot for an external memory chip, and an onboard
rechargeable battery. It runs more than seven hours on a recharge. It
has a clock and calendar on board, so you can set it up like a tivo to
record your shows while you are at work.

I just keep it in a corner at work, and tell it to record a few hours
of shows each week for my bike rides. I still use a cassette stereo,
too, to fill tapes of programming for other uses where the mp3 player
would not be appropriate such as during weekend labor projects. But the
POGO has paid for itself because I am getting top quality recordings
without paying the extra fees to radio hosts etc.

Furthermore, this device has superior search capabilities. Unlike many,
many mp3 devices, this one will easily search to the exact minute in
any file you have stored. You don’t have to hear the whole beginning
again of a 40 minute program, just to get to a key point in the program
where you had been interrupted the day before. This one will start
exactly where it was when you turned it off. Otherwise, it also has two
fast forward modes, one of which moves one minute per second, to get
you right where you want to be. I am in heaven with this thing, and
you would be too. Good luck finding one though. Mine is in the white
body, seems to now be less available, and prices seem to have doubled
to near 250 in some sites. I got mine new for 35 at a computer fair,
bought a spare three weeks later, but I am betting you cannot find one
less than 140. It is in high demand for obvious reasons.

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  1. CPOKashue
    March 21, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Stealing Rush Limbaugh might be the only acceptable way to consume his program.

    This sounds like a good alternative to those dumb dongles that tell you what tracks are playing on a radio station at a certain time, so you can go find it your on your own. In that it sounds like it does stuff.

  2. September 22, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    Can I get a quick education on how to imbed a player in the wordpress site so I can upload our radio programs to it please…..

    Thanks….that’d be my miracle from you!

    • September 22, 2010 at 7:13 pm

      Check out the Audio Player 2.0 plugin

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