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Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando is just one of those games that stick in your mind. You either loved it or hated it (maybe both). Renowned as one the better platformers for the NES and arcade, and also as a really hard game to beat (save state anybody?).

You start out on a simple military incursion and slowly make your way up to defeating the son of Satan himself, Hitler. Hitler has got to be the ultimate boss ever introduced in a game, I mean come on… it\’s Hitler!

Throughout the game you get many weapons and items to help you along your quest including machine guns, health packs, flash grenades, etc. One thing you don\’t get though, are saved games. This is what makes the game so hard. You don\’t even get a really long and obnoxious password to enter into the game to continue. You get three lives, a couple of continues, and a \”good luck\” from the developers. This can become really annoying and if you aren\’t playing in an emulator and using save states (you cheater!) then you better set aside a good 4 hours and gather a whole lot of patience… because you\’re going to need it.

Overall this game is excellent and with Capcom\’s recent announcements of redoing it for xbox live and releasing a 3D sequel, there is no denying that many others feel the same way. I wasted many hours of my childhood swinging from bionic arms and killing nazis. Ahhh… memories.

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