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Quantum Leap – Season 3 Episode 16 – Southern Comfort

Ah, Quantum Leap…they just don’t make shows this good anymore.  Anyway, this has become my “workout show” for the time being, and I am now on the 16th episode of season 3 titled “Southern Comfort.” Sam (our body leaping/time traveling hero played by Scott Bakula) finds himself leaping into both the year 1961 and the body of a local New Orleans Bordello proprietor.  Sam must struggle to protect one of his girls from her abusive husband who has managed to track her down and is hell bent on bringing her home by any means necessary.  Naturally, our damsel in undress…errr distress does not want to go with him as she jumped into marriage BEFORE finding out he was an abusive jackass.

Al (played by the always wonderful Dean Stockwell) is fantastic in this episode.  His horndog nature is in full force as he cavorts around the whorehouse wishing he could get away from Sam and spend some time looking at the ladies. This is actually a very well done episode.  It’s well paced, has some colorful characters, and is a showcase character wise for Sam and Al. It has a very nice combo of comic relief, urgency, drama, and good acting that makes the 44 minutes just fly by.  This is especially good when you’re running on an elliptical machine.

In the end, Sam saves the day by blackmailing the abusive hubby.  He stops chasing tail and instead turns tail and heads out the door to never bother his wife again.  Sam has once again set things right and he leaps out before Al can scurry upstairs to watch one of the “ladies of the night” take a bath.

This was a good and entertaining episode of a fanastic series.  Season 3 has been mostly awesome so far, with only a few stinkers here and there.  I’ll get to those later, as I plan on going back and reviewing every episode of this series.  Until then, I am leaping out of here!

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