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ScummVM iPhone

Remember those old Lucas Arts adventure games you used to play when you were a kid? Sam and Max, Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, etc? Well now you can relive those old adventure games while on the go.

The ScummVM project has been around for several years and the good folks involved in this project have ported ScummVM to several devices and platforms including the iPhone. ScummVM is a game engine interpreter, which basically means it’s an outlet to run the old games that you once played through a newer game engine. Think of it like an emulator of sorts, but not.

The touch screen interface of the iPhone works very well in conjunction with the old point and click style adventure games and they have added other features such as swipe gestures, accelerometer support, and a built in keypad. In order to get ScummVM you must install it from the cydia iPhone app repository. You must jailbreak your iPhone to get this. Jailbreaking an iPhone is very easy and shouldn’t cause any harm to your phone or iTouch (though I’m not responsible for any damages, etc. etc. that “could” happen if you want to try this out 🙂 )

All in all, the iPhone is a great interface for games like this and ScummVM rocks. If you are feeling brave, then jailbreak your iPhone and relive your childhood memories of when games were actually good and humorous. 7/10

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