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Mad Housewife White Zinfandel

Basically hobo wine for non-hobos, white zinfandels have been the guilty pleasure of the middle class since time immemorial. Bottled and served before it’s old enough to drive, as sugary as orange Faygo, and the color of really cheap perfume, white zinfandel is a tasty dinnertime, snacktime, anytime wine with no artistic merit or complexity. If you can’t justify buying that bottle of Tres Banditos, and Asti is too expensive, you probably want to go for some white zinfandel.

Mad Housewife, which seems to be positioned as wine for alcoholic homemakers, makes a pretty bleh zinfandel. The wine is pretty fizzy, and despite some initial sweetness has a kind of bitter, chalky aftertaste. It’s totally possible the bottle I got was skunked; it certainly tasted pretty funky. Then again, it could just be nasty cheap wine. White zinfandel usually toes the line between sugar water and vinegar pretty closely, and this stuff tasted like it just skipped a bit too far to the side.

Let me just say I am no wine snob. I make lemonade with chablis. I like Boone’s Farm. I didn’t like Mad Housewife, and since there are approximately a million different brands of cheapo white wine to choose from, I don’t see much reason to give it another shot.


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