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Skype for the iPhone

Skype for the iPhone. The first thing I noticed is it’s VERY unstable. No matter what I do in the app, it crashes within the first minute or so. I even tried resetting my phone thinking it was just a glitch. Nope. Crashes almost instantly. How can you release an app like Skype for a device like the iPhone and not at least iron out stability issues? It’s unusable as it stands right now.

Aside from the usability of the app based on stability, there are some worthy mentions about the Skype app. The interface is pretty nice. It’s intuitive and familiar if you’ve used Skype before. It has some nice features such as importing contacts from the iPhone contacts list and using a picture from the camera roll as your profile pic. It’s also got the standard iPhone interface for input as well which is decent.

I called my wife on our cellphone with skype out and also dialed the test call which is available upon the install. The call worked and was somewhat decent but sounded kind of tinny and there was some slight echoes. Skype has always been like this but it seemed a bit worse than usual.

Overall, I think this will be a cool app once they fix the stability issues, but until then I have no need to click on it and will refrain from doing so. 4/10

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