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Corporation (Genesis)

Corporation is an innovative FPS that predated Doom, yet contained neato concepts such as an inventory, neutral NPCs, and readable material. The promising gameplay mechanics of Corporation are betrayed by totally godawful graphics and brutal unfairness, but hey, that’s what you get when you play old games.

Corporation sees you, the player, busting into a corporate facility with a ton of guns to do… something. I don’t know what, the in-game story is really weak, and I’m lacking the novel-length manual I’m sure the DOS release came with. Operating strictly on the cliched guideline that big business = bad, the player must shoot their way through floor after dimly lit floor while hunting mcguffins and occasionally interacting with some source of text there to lull them into thinking the game isn’t just about killing.

Corporation certainly looks sharp for a Genesis game, with well-realized sprites and polygonal walls. Unfortunately your dude moves like a brick with wheels, enemies can shoot you from beyond their draw distance, and ammo is scarce, meaning that you die cheaply, a lot. The frustrating gameplay makes it hard to overcome the fact that, while Corporation looks good for its time and hardware, it’s all a bit gray and samey, and the crummy Genesis audio isn’t doing it any favors. There are a lot of forgotten FPS gems out there, from the crazy-deep Cy-Clones to the witty and surprisingly fun Strife, but there’s not much reason to play this one.

3/10 (Don’t feel bad, Virgin, your Disney games were good)

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