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NETGEAR WNDR3300 RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router

All the RangeMax dual band had to do was force internet down a 10-foot hallway. Seriously. Router at one end, computer at the other. A task so simple that wireless was only required to avoid clutter.

I had selected this router because it was the only n router available when I was out shopping- I’d previously owned two NETGEAR g routers, and while they were plagued by tragically short lives, they were functional, if weak. I’d heard this model was a bit sturdier, and I figured that with an n router and a n-capable card in my computer, I’d be able to cop a decent signal, cordless phones and thick walls be damned.

Unfortunately, this router was trouble from day 1. Setting it up was a breeze, but the n band signal was so weak I could barely detect it. Switching to a more specific broadcast mode let me use it, but that very evening, it dropped. Not only could my computer no longer see it, neither could my fiance’s laptop. It soon became apparent this was the norm. Cycling the router generally did nothing- rather the signal would lapse in and out, and sometimes would be visible while connection remained impossible.

This is a weak, unreliable router with spotty performance. When I can see other apartments’ g networks through the floor and I can’t see my own n network down the hall, I feel safe calling my router a failure.

2/10  (I’ll give this a bit of a break, because mine might be a lemon)

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