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I know what you are thinking. This movie can’t possibly be good, it’s just another crappy comedy with the possibility of being “ok” with tits and ass spread throughout and loads of juvenile humor. Well, you’re wrong. This was actually a pretty decent film.

Fanboys is about a group of friends going on one last road trip with their terminally ill friend on their quest to break into the Lucas ranch, destined to steal the rough cut copy of Star Wars Episode 1. It can be a bit corny at times but that was pretty much a given just by watching the trailer. I was surprised by the amount of well known actors thrown into the mix and the story was not that bad. I thought the majority of the jokes was actually humorous and the their was never a time when tits were thrown into the mix just to appeal to prepubescent teens. In fact, there was never any nudity (there may be in the directors cut but I’m not sure).

Some of the trekkie vs. star wars fan content was a bit over the top but it didn’t stop me from liking this film. It will also appeal to your non star wars fans too (wife?) as a all around decent comedic content. There was never a time that I wanted to turn the movie off or spout out a “Oh, come on.. did they really go there?”.

Overall, a well done star wars based comedy and an enjoyable take on the bond of friendship. It also is a good portrayal into the depths that someone would go for a friend who just wants one last opportunity to relish in the moments of life shared with their buddies.


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