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Cigar and a Beer 01

The first set is a Dogfish head 120 minute IPA and a Padilla signature 1932. I will warn you ahead of time, the dogfish head is a VERY strong beer. It’s 20% APV. It felt almost like I was drinking a liquor. I’m not complaining though, it was very tasty and had all of the tastes you would expect from a hoppy IPA. It poured thick and was very dark. It even had small deposits of the hops, etc. that was clumped together that I stirred into the glass once it was poured. This is a nice beer and you could get a very nice buzz from just 1-2 glasses of it. I highly recommend this ale as a special occasion drink.

The cigar I smoked was also very good. It was very dark, yet had a smooth taste to it. The smoke was a nice thick white cloud. The draw however left more to be desired. It was very hard to draw from it and I had to use a pencil several times to draw poke the inside to loosen any “knots” of tobacco. Other than that, it was constructed very well and had a slow even burn.

All in all a satisfying and relaxing beer/cigar combination.

Dogfish Head 120: 9/10
Padilla 1939: 7/10

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