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Graycliff CI Legends

The CI Legends Graycliff were a limited run of the CI Legends series. The Legends series are a set of cigars made by all of the big name cigar manufacturers but specifically for CI. Their purpose is to be cheaper than the normal lines brought to us by these companies, but still keep a good quality to them.

The CI Legends Graycliff (purple as they call them), featured 12 Graycliff cigars for 40 bucks. This isn’t a bad deal considering the quality and size of them. They were 5.25″ by 52 ring gauge, so a very decent size cigar. The cigar had a medium to full bodied wrapper and decently dark tobacco on the inside. They burned very even and never went out on me. The draw was also decent but these cigars did have one major problem with them… construction.

Out of the 12 cigars I bought, EVERY one of them started to fall apart at the end. It wasn’t just me either. A buddy of mine bought these as well and every one he has had has fallen apart toward the end of the smoke. This is very frustrating to a smoker since you probably just spent a good hour or more smoking this cigar and enjoying it, only to have the experience ruined toward the end. It doesn’t ruin it completely since they are a decent batch for the price but I have no idea what happened with these! Maybe the person rolling them or the method that was use was ineffective? I’m not sure and it’s not because of my humidor either. My cigars are not dry or too moist, I usually keep a good 69-70% humidity level going on my stogies. All in all, they are decent for the price but don’t say I didn’t warn you about the construction.

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