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The Left Behind Series

One of the best series ever written. LaHaye and Jenkins did a wonderful job putting the events leading to the end of mankind into story context. Whether you know your bible or not, this is an excellent story. These writers have taken the bible and brought it to life through their eyes. This story really begins with the book titled The Rising. Then there are two others that lead you into the 12 book series of God coming back for his people and the end times with the seven seal judgements and all the rest. If you are looking for a book with plenty of suspense and action…read these books! They are great! I do not want to go into the story in fear of giving something away, but Rayford Steel is an unbeliever on a flight one night when his whole world gets turned upside down along with ever other non believer.
Wonderful books. I will be purchasing them all and reading them again. 5 stars, a must read in my opinion!

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