Who am I? I’m spiderman… ok I’m not spiderman, but that would be cool if I was. I’m 29 at the time of writing this blog. I’ve been married for eight years to a beautiful woman by the name of Mandy and we have four wonderful but destructive kids (Jayden, Rory, Logan, and Mason). I’ve grown up and lived in the Cincinnati, Ohio area all of my life and have never had any thoughts to move anywhere else.

I’m a geek who loves all things that you would normally assume a geek would love (computers, video games, board games, sci-fi, role playing games, gadgets, hobbyist [insert hobby here]). I’m also a cigar aficionado and a lover of good ales. I tend to smoke cigars on the larger size/ring gauge and prefer darker, fuller bodied cigars. I like to develop little web apps on my spare time when I’m not doing it for a living. I also love to go camping with the family when we got the opportunity and I love picking on my children every chance I get (what else is a dad for?).

  1. Tony Allen
    January 7, 2011 at 2:39 pm

    Hello Spiderman!

    Somehow or another I stumbled into your blog here. I bought an Arduino Black Widow, does 802.11 stuff, and have been struggling to talk to it in code. To that end, I created a twitter account, to attempt to get my Arduino to tweet. Then I found your tweetador posts on twitter.

    Having bored you to death with that story, I thought you might be able to help me. My Black Widow tweet (example) program does everything but tweet. Joins my wlan with the security in place, but I think it is not logging into the twitter site.

    Your blog here suggests that we would get along well. I have an AAS in programming, am into Photoshop too. Best way to contact me is either email:

    by cell:
    (817) 899 1956

    Here are some of my photoshop/Illustrator endeavors on the web:

    Perhaps you would be interested in helping me figure out my Arduino?

    Thanks for your time;
    Tony Allen

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