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Camping 2009 “pop up” tents

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a time lapse video of my friends putting up their tents last year when we went camping. I promised I would put it up and I finally did. Ha ha, losers!


Odroid Unboxing

February 21, 2010 Leave a comment

I got the Odroid a couple of weeks ago and I’m still playing around with it.  I’m a bit disappointed overall but I won’t get into that now.  Here is a youtube video I made on the unboxing of the droid.  Check it out to see the odroid in action, and watch me fumble through through odd controls and end the video abruptly:

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Buddy Walk 2009

December 6, 2009 Leave a comment

This year was our second time at the buddy walk in Cincinnati for the Down Syndrome Association. We went to support our 1 year old son Mason who has down syndrome. Along with our immediate family, lots of other family and friends came with us. We did a little better this year with organization but things were still a little crazy. Hopefully next year things will be pretty solid and there won’t be too many follies. Either way, it was a fun time and it’s a good cause and that’s all that matters in the end. The following is a small journal of how the day went.

We started the morning off moving kind of slow and rushed to get ready at the very end (most people who know us usually assumes this is how we will operate for anything with a deadline). We finally got the kids in the van and on the road and only 45 minutes behind schedule this time!

IMG_0167 IMG_0168

On the way to the walk, I was starting to get very hungry due to skipping breakfast, so I asked my wife to stop at Mcdonalds. After yelling at each other through four or five stop lights, we both came to the agreement that I would get some Mcdonalds for all of us. 🙂 We were supposed to be at the walk by 9:30 A.M. since it started at 10, but we ended up running to Sawyer Point as the walk had already started! DOH. We had to stop and take a picture though!


We finally met up with everyone and decided to go on the short walk. What we didn’t realize is that the short walk is VERY short. It took a group of about 20 people with kids to walk around the short walk in 5 minutes. That didn’t go very well but at least the kids got to play at the festival once we were done. Next year we will definitely do the “long” walk. Of course we had to take another picture before we were done. This pic shows everyone who came to the buddy walk to show their support for Mason, thanks guys!


We got to do a lot of cool things with the kids after the walk and this was one the best parts of the day. The kids got to pet a snake, my daughter Jayden got to do some simulated rock climbing, there was free food, balloon animals, the works. I ran into my buddy Rob who also has a daughter with down syndrome and got to talk with him for awhile as well. Oh and darth vader was there as well. 🙂

[flashvideo file=”video/vader.flv” /]

Transporter 3 Blu-ray review

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Transporter 3 is definitely the best comedy on Blu-Ray right now.  That would be high praise if this wasn’t an action movie of course.  Here’s the plot for you:  Frank Martin (Jason Statham doing what he does best – emoting very little and rocking a five o’clock shadow) is a transporter.  He transport things.  This is apparently a lucrative business.  Unlike FedEx and UPS – Frank uses an Audi sports car.  He’s a no questions asks professional who just gets the job done.  Frank, however, has a problem.  He seems to always get stuck transporting women.  Frank is essentially a totally awesome taxi driver who can kick the shit out of 10 people at once (while getting undressed for the ladies).  This time around Frank is stuck transporting a skanky acid dropping party girl by the name of Valentina.  Luc Besson and his writing partner didn’t care to give her a last name so I will.  Valentina Cantactworthshit.

You see, Miss Cantactworthshit is the daughter of a Ukrainian politician who deals in complaining, nice suits, and the environment.  Some goons from a very unexplained company  are trying to force him into giving them the permission to dump toxic waste into the ocean.  They could just save time and dump it out in international waters where no one would notice, but then we wouldn’t have this gem of celluloid now would we?  Anyway, in order to do this they kidnap his daughter while she is getting jiggy with it on the dance floor.  Anyway, Valentina and Frank end up with cheap looking bracelets that tether them to the car.  If they go more than 75 feet from the vehicle – it’s KABOOM time.  This seems to not bother Valentina one bit.  In fact, she seems perfectly fine with all the guns and explosions and death.  Frank basically drives her around Europe encountering one implausible event after another. To say more would be a waste of time – because really this entire movie is a waste of time.  I’ll get right down to it in a list of complete and stupid absurdities this movie hurls at the viewer in rapid succession:

– A car crashes into Frank’s house and he doesn’t flinch or really seem concerned at all.  His expression was basically “I’ll worry about this after I make a sandwich.”

– EMT’s rescue the man from the car and somehow manage to not notice A WOMAN SLEEPING IN THE BACK SEAT!  Furthermore, she slept through the crash.  That’s pretty impressive in it’s own right.

– The two Frank vs hired goons action scenes are almost identical to one another.  Frank just loses more clothes in the second one.

– Watching Frank fight for his life, kill people, and lose his clothes in the process turns on Valentina.  She goes from hating him to wanting to bone him over the course of 1 minute.

– Frank’s mysterious friend who works in the middle of nowhere inexplicably knows exactly how the top secret bomb device works thanks to the internet.  He can’t fix it though because it’s “wired to the car.”  No shit Sherlock!  How else would it work!?

– Frank can chase down an Audi sports car on a bike while riding it through houses and down hand rails and fuck may as well go right up a wall too.  There’s no credibility left at this point.

– At the end of the bike chase Frank smashes through the driver side car window and ejects the driver out of the passenger door.  The glass does not cut him, he lands PERFECTLY in the seat somehow, and within seconds the glass magically repairs itself.  Furthermore, the interior of the car has no glass in it at all for the rest of the film.

– Valentina can describe foods with very good English then turns around an asks Frank “What is (insert common English word here)?”  Also, this girl must eat out a lot because she knows about a good restaurant in EVERY town they mention in the movie.  Her and Frank’s entire relationship is based on food.

– Valentina seduces Frank while high on drugs leading to Frank doing a strip tease.  This goes down after a tense chase where they both almost died multiple times.  Oh  yes, Frank is easily old enough to be her dad.

– Through the magic of movie making Frank somehow hooks a cell phone up to a laptop, calls the main bad guy, and this allows his French inspector friend to trace the call.

– When Frank has to drive his car into a river to avoid death – he produces floating devices from his trunk and fills them with air from his tires.  TWO of them are able to life his 2 ton car out of the water.  I assume Yoda was on shore giving him a helping hand. Oh and a local with a tractor shows up to tow his car to dry land.  What great timing!

– After the above happens – Frank is able to START THE CAR with some minor tinkering and give chase on what should be FLAT TIRES!  However, they are magically perfectly fine and full of air!

– The final confrontation involves Frank driving his car into a train so he could fight and be close to the car.  Frank eventually overcomes the fairly feeble bad buy and finally is able to detach his explosive bracelet.  He then attaches it to the bad guy and somewhat ties his hand to the steering wheel of the car with the seatbelt.  He then throws the car into reverse.  Frank watches as the bad guy frees himself.  He then looks COMPLETELY SURPRISED as he lunges for cover when the bad guy explodes because the train and car are moving in opposite directions.  Way to almost get yourself killed dumbass!  Why didn’t you put him IN THE CAR FIRST! You obviously knew if he got free he’d blow up in the train and take you with him!

– Unless the train seats block explosions.  Which the one Frank hides behind apparently does..

To make matters even worse, the movie is edited like a music video.  The fight scenes speed up for now reason and include so many edits it would make Michael Bay squeal with glee.  They totally ruin any of the mediocre fight choreograhy that Cory Yuen put together for the film.  All the car chases are undercranked as well.  Which means they took cars going the speed limit and cut frames out of the film to make them appear to be screaming down the road.  You basically get Benny Hill style car chases.  This film was directed very poorly by Olivier MEGATON.  Yes in the credits his last name is in all caps.

On the plus side the video quality was very solid.  Sharp detail, landscape shots looked great, and so did the cars.  Also, at 1080p you can count every one of the million freckles on Valentina Cantactworthshit’s face. Audio is also handled quite well.

The Transporter series started off as a fun, mostly brainless, and well directed action movie.  Sadly, with each film the series becomes more and more shallow.  Jason Statham is the only reason to watch these movies.  He is a very capable fighter and actor.  With Transporter 3 you get to see very little of his talents due to the spazztastic editing and sloppy directing.  Jason deserves better.  It’s pretty pathetic when In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (made by movie master Uwe Boll) has action scenes that are filmed 10000 times better than this turd.

1/10 and I’m being generous.

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Tatuaje T110

October 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Brand: Tatuaje
Size: Robusto 52×4.3
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Price: $10.00 a stick

I got this cigar from a buddy on twitter by the name of “charlie”. He hosted a cigar contest that was very simple, the first one to send him a “dm” on twitter wins. 🙂 I was the lucky one and he asked me to review one of the smokes he sent me. The Tatuaje T110 is a very good smoke. It has a nice spiciness too it and is very full flavored. I didn’t find it was as strong as Charlie led it on to be but it was still a very good smoke.

First Impressions:
This cigar is very oily and has a nice dark wrapper. The construction looks very well done with no large veins and the smell has leathery aroma to it with a hint of cedar.

First puffs:
The first few puffs are very full flavored and dark but it keeps a smoothness to it. I’m tasting hints of cedar as well. The draw is nice and full but a slight airy. There is a nice white ash to it but a tad on the loose side.

Half way mark:
The cedar notes are still there but I’m also starting to taste some mocha notes and the spiciness is very prevalent. It’s starting to burn a little uneven, but nothing a lighter can’t fix. still very dark. chocolate notes.

Final Third:
The burn became even after I fixed it up so no real marks against construction. There are still dark mocha notes and it was smooth smoking down to the nub.

I can’t really go into a lot of detail as I’ve only smoked one of these and I usually like to review cigars that I have a box of or at least a 5 pack but this is a very good cigar from first impressions. It’s a very dark and full flavored cigar but it holds it’s smoothness throughout the entire smoke. I want to thank charlie for sending me these awesome cigars and I enjoyed everyone of them.

The Left Behind Series

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

One of the best series ever written. LaHaye and Jenkins did a wonderful job putting the events leading to the end of mankind into story context. Whether you know your bible or not, this is an excellent story. These writers have taken the bible and brought it to life through their eyes. This story really begins with the book titled The Rising. Then there are two others that lead you into the 12 book series of God coming back for his people and the end times with the seven seal judgements and all the rest. If you are looking for a book with plenty of suspense and action…read these books! They are great! I do not want to go into the story in fear of giving something away, but Rayford Steel is an unbeliever on a flight one night when his whole world gets turned upside down along with ever other non believer.
Wonderful books. I will be purchasing them all and reading them again. 5 stars, a must read in my opinion!

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Tweetidor – the humidor that tweets

September 16, 2009 2 comments

I know what you’re thinking.. “not another device that tweets something!” Yup, another device that tweets something. This time it’s a humidor and it tweets that status of it’s relative humidity and temperature levels. For cigar aficionados, this means a lot. In order to keep your cigars “fresh” for any amount of time over a few days, they must be contained in an environment that is controlled with the perfect amount of relative humidity and temperature levels. The purpose of this is so that your cigars don’t dry out or get too moist which would amount to a terrible smoking experience. The Tweetidor uses a digital precision relative humidity and temperature sensor (SHT75) along with the arduino.

I am collecting the data and storing it into a mysql database, as well as “tweeting” it’s status every hour. I’m taking the data collected and creating graphs and gauges using google’s chart api. You can follow the Tweetidor at You can also view the graphs and historical stats of the Tweetidor at The following article will go into as much detail as possible about how I created the Tweetidor, the problems I faced, and where you can go to make something similar yourself. You can send any questions, comments, etc. on the project by sending an email to

Step 1: Purchasing the hardware

The first step is to understand what to buy and why we are buying it. You will need the arduino hobbyists platform, a sensirion humidity sensor (the SHT15 or SHT75 are the best choices), jumper cables, soldering iron, solder, a USB cable, and possibly a multimeter and bread board for testing purposes. You will also need a PC for the arduino to communicate to and from.

The arduino is an open source hardware platform for hobbyists. You can use it to interface with a large variety of electronics from LEDs to sensors. This is the meat of the project and is what allows the sensor to communicate with the PC. You can learn more about the arduino here: You can purchase the arduino for about 30 bucks but there are other versions that costs less or more depending on the options you get.


The sensor is what does all of the work, it’s a very complex electronic humidity/temperature sensor based on I2C technology and works similar to a 2 wire solution. The first sensor I bought was the SHT15 breakout board from sparkfun and was really easy to work with due to it’s size. I ended up shorting something out and I’m not sure how; after my buddy helped solder it for me, it no longer worked. I ended up having to buy another one and went with the SHT75 since I thought it would be easier to deal with. I was only able to find it at Newark’s site. It was A LOT smaller than I had first thought and slightly harder to work with than the SHT15. Both sensors are pretty much the same model but with slightly different designs.


The other items are pretty self explanatory: the usb cable is used to connect the PC to the arduino, the jumper cables are used to interface the sensor chip with the arduino, and the breadboard/multimeter are used for testing the interface between the arduino and the sensor chip.

Here are a few good places to get these items from:
Sparkfun This is where I bought my first Sensirion sensor and the rest of my stuff (arduino, breadboard, etc.)
AdaFruit Industries This site is a great resource and store to purchase the arduino and “shields” to attach to it.
Newark This was the only place I found that was selling the SHT75 version of Sensirion’s sensor.

Step 2: The software

The arduino platform has it’s own IDE that works on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. You can download these from the site. You will need the arduino software for your OS.

Once you have the ardunio software installed, hook up the arduino to your PC and make sure it connects correctly. After you have verified that the ardunio connects, try uploading one of the test projects that comes with the download to verify some basic functionality of the arduino (LEDs, etc.).

I won’t lie when I say that the majority of the code that pulls the humidity and temperature from the SHT75 for the Tweetidor is actually code written by someone else. There has already been a few people who have interfaced this sensor (mainly the SHT15 but it’s basically the same thing) with the ardunio and other microcontrollers similar to the ardunio, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Of course, the cigar related code, graphs, tweeting, etc. was code that I had to write/piece together else where and I’ll go over that a little bit later. You can download/look at this code at a couple of sites. Go ahead and grab the code at these places since you will need it when you start your testing.

You can find some helpful code at the following links:

Step 3: Initial Testing

There really isn’t much to the overall connections between these devices. The SHT75 has 4 pins. The first is for the serial clock, the second is for power, the third is for ground, and the fourth is for data. There are already a few guides online which describe how to connect the sensor chip to the arduino. Based on how the variables are set in the code you are using, you would connect the serial clock from the SHT75 to the digital pin “11” on the arduino, power (or VCC) from the SHT75 goes to the 5v power pin on the arduino, ground from the SHT75 goes to the ground pin on the arduino, and the data pin on the SHT75 goes to the digital pin “10” on the arduino. For this step we won’t be soldering anything. Simply connect the pins/holes to the arduino using some jumper wire and a breadboard if necessary. Never turn on the power to the arduino until you use a multimeter to test resistance or continuity so you can identify any shorts or cross overs.


Once things are connected and you are sure there are no shorts, etc. you can now upload the code to the arduino that you downloaded from the earlier step. If you are using the SHT75 as opposed to the SHT15 you must enable the arduino’s pull up resistors, you can find out how to do this on the main arduino site (basically set the data pin to HIGH on input). If you connected everything correctly and the code is properly updated, you should be retrieving the humidity and temperature levels now!!

Step 4: Connecting things together

Once you are done with your initial testing and you are satisfied with your end results you will want to connect the wires permanently to the sensor chip. You should use solder to do this. I will first go into what I did with the SHT75 and then briefly talk about the SHT15. I unfortunately broke the pins off accidentally because I have shaky hands and I’m very impatient so I had to solder the cables to the actual pads where the pins used to be connected. I don’t suggest breaking the pins off like me, learn from my mistakes. 🙂 There are also 4 tiny holes above the pins that will pick up electric current as well. I don’t suggest using these either, unless you have to (ie. one of the pads breaks off while soldering a cable to it).

Once you have the pins/cables soldered, you will want to test everything again before making the connections more solid. When you have tested them again, making sure you still retrieve the humidity and temperature, I suggest wrapping each individual pin with heat shrink wrap, hot gluing the connections, then wrapping the overall connections with another piece of heat shrink wrap. During each of these steps I stopped before I got too much further and tested out the program again. You don’t want to end up with solder, glue, and heat shrink wrap and then find out that it doesn’t work since you probably won’t be able to tell which step caused an issue. I also put color coded heat shrink wrap around each individual wire so I knew which cable went to the corresponding pins on the sensor.

tweetidor1 tweetidor7

The SHT15 is a lot easier to work with and you have a couple of options there as long as you buy it in the breakout board from The breakout board from makes it really easy to get access to the pins by use of four holes. You could solder some pins on these holes and leave it connected to a bread board, solder some pins on and then solder some wires to it, or solder some wires directly to the holes. Anyway you do it, would be a tad easier than the SHT75. The SHT75 is a little cheaper and the relative humdity on the SHT75 is a tad bit more accurate, so these are the plus/negatives to each sensor (the SHT15 is 2% accurate whereas the SHT75 is 1.8% accurate).

Now you are on your way to placing your Tweetidor into your humidor! The next steps will focus on presentation and what I used to display the graphs, etc.

Step 5: Presentation

Now that we have everything together, we could technically just sit the arduino in the humidor and be done with it but a few problems arise from this. For one, it doesn’t look very appealing. Other problems also arise including, how are you going to get the usb cable or wires inside the humidor and be able to close it, and also you run a risk of distilled water being spilt on the arduino, someone crushing it, or the wires coming lose. I came up with a few hokey ways to prevent these from happening (I’m not a very good handyman, I’m a computer geek) but you could probably devise your own methods.

The first step is to figure out if the arduino will sit outside of the humidor or in it. I put it in there so I didn’t have it sitting out and running the risk of it getting knocked over or grabbed at (I have 4 kids, 3 of which are 3 years of age and under). I found out that the arduino fits perfectly inside a marlboro cigarette box (not the soft pack) so I decided to use this as my “case”. I may paint it later or upgrade to something more durable but this definitely gets the job done. I poked a hole where the USB port is, and a hole on the top so the sensor sticks out. This also allows me to stack cigars on top of this too. I really need to get a larger humidor for this project but I’m poor, homeless and addicted to crack so I can’t afford one (ok I lied about all of those but I do have 4 kids like I mentioned earlier so money is pretty tight).


Since the USB cable is pretty thick, it won’t shut in the humidor correctly. At first I tried cutting a tiny notch on the side of the humidor but that wasn’t good enough. I ended up deciding to drill a hole in the back of the humidor, stick the USB cable through that, then I used weather caulking around the cable to seal up the hole to keep my precious humidity at an acceptable level (it seems to stay at 67% right now which is pretty good).


Overall, this method worked out the best and from the outside of the humidor you just see one cable coming out from the back and going to my PC which has a wireless card in it to connect to the internet. The caulking job isn’t the best (again, I’m not a handyman) but still looks pretty decent. You can pretty much do a million different things here to set it up, the arduino also has tiny holes so it can mounted to something inside the humidor too and I might do that once I get a larger humidor. My next project may be to call upon my father in law to build my own cabinet humidor.

Step 6: Connecting the Tweetidor to the web

You can actually tackle this several different ways but the one thing you will definitely need is an interface to communicate to the serial console that the arduino is interfaced on. I used a perl library I found online which worked out nicely. My Tweetidor’s PC is an old 500 mhz with 256 megs of ram, a 10 gig hard drive, and running Ubuntu 9.04 server edition. I used code similar to this: code.

Once you have the arduino talking to the PC using some sort of serial console library like the perl one above, you can output that data to a text file and manipulate it however you’d like. You could set up a cron job or schedule to mail you, tweet you, or collect the data into a database and graph it out like I did. If you want to create graphs and gauges from a database, the easiest and most visually appealing (in my opinion) is the google chart api which is what I used. It’s pretty easy to create and manipulate to what you need it for. For the database, I used mysql for the database and the php twitter api for twitter. I set the Tweetidor to update my database and twitter every hour. If it gets below 60% humidity it alerts me with a “wife alert” saying the humidor has been opened and it also alerts me if the temp/humidity gets too high. I’m probably going to set twitter to update every two hours instead so it doesn’t bother me as much.

So there you have it. Pretty simple once you understand the basics and it’s not entirely too expensive to do. I’ve heard of someone else buying something like this premade and they payed over 700 dollars for it!! Again, you can email me at with any questions or comments. If you are feeling sorry for how slow I am or you think the project is cool, you can also donate money if you’d like. 🙂 You can donate by clicking here: Donate!

You can transform your old school hygrometer into a new advanced digital precision hygrometer in no time! Thanks for your time.

tweetidor11 tweetidor12

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